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Singapore, 11th October 2012

The month of October in Singapore has design written all over it. First we had the World Architectural Festival, than there was Saturday InDesign over the weekend and this week sees 100% Design Singapore organised on the fringe of BEX Singapore. 100% Design Singapore is touted as a one stop platform that brings unique creations from international exhibitors and designers to Asia. With wealth and economic development in Asia growing at a faster pace than anywhere else in the world, Singapore, with its central location and culture dedicated to design (at least they are trying hard to develop Singapore as a design hub in the region), organising the event in the iconic Marina Bay Sands makes sense.

I attended part of the event in my own capacity but also as the official representative of the PLDA (Professional Lighting Designers Association) who endorsed the event. As the event is new, the aim of my visit is to establish if there is a further scope in the future for a more extended presence and participation by the PLDA and or its China counterpart CLDA. The format of this event is, like many other events of this genre, build around an exhibition with key exhibitors from the international design world, mainly furniture, material and equipment manufacturers, and a conference platform allowing leading design luminaries to share their expertise and experience with the general public. The event is free.

It was a temptative start with little exhibitors, but a reasonable line up of speakers. From observation the speaker events were all well attended with mostly a full house at each presentation. Success of these presentations hugely revolves around the quality and experience of the speaker and as always some are better at it than others. Good speakers captivate their audience and contribute very much to the overall appreciation of the event. Feedback forms collected during the event will probably give some more insight for the fine-tuning of future editions.

Is there room for the PLDA in this event? I think so, but subject to some early coordination and exchange of ideas. There must be a clear pay-off for the particiapnts, not only for the organisors! As I discussed with the organisers, a combination of lighting design related speakers with leading lighting manufacturers would strengthen the appeal of the event and attract more people that have interest and direct involvement with lighting and lighting design.

Light Watch 3-155: Images from the event. More at www.100percentdesign.com.sg



11. October 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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