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Jakarta, 26th September 2012

Today I have the rare opportunity to see the old and new side by side and appreciate how powerful a new design can be and most of all how much design represents or projects the time we live in. This project is a hotel renovation with the original design “dating back” about 18 years.  We have completed the mock up room which I inspected this evening. I am writing this blog in one of the nearby rooms where I stay and which still is in its original state. Entering the new mock up room was like transplanting myself in a new world, like time travel, specifically because the two generation rooms are practically side by side. There are still some minor issues to rectify such as installation irregularities, light colour inconsistencies (LED cowboys in action…:)), but overall the transformation is very powerful. The main achievement is without doubt for me that the design team has succeeded in creating a feel and overall mood that is very much the style the hotel brand is after… modern and contemporary. All lighting is achieved with LED technology.

These are the moments where you can appreciate the value of professional designers and the cooperation between the various disciplines such as interiors and lighting. This result is team work and very satisfying when you see that the desired end result is achieved. I note that this is a result after several rounds of value engineering! The original design concepts were far more elaborate and it is testimony to the combined skills of all the team members that a result is nevertheless achieved that meets the budget AND design intent!

Light Watch 3-145: Here are some before and after pictures which are very illustrative of the powerful change that the new (lighting) design provides. Those of you experienced in lighting design and commissioning of projects will probably spot the irregularities in the new room still to be rectified. While these are minor issues that bother us as the designers, the general public will generally not even notice them, so I will refrain from pointing them out…  🙂


27. September 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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