Perth, 17 September 2012

This coming week I will be busy with moving and I may not be able to write much for my blog. Today and tomorrow mostly packing and Wednesday we are moving. Then rest of the week getting everything installed, move things into place and trying to get all equipment working! As most of you know, moving can be quite stressful if you don’t take proper time and don’t organise yourself well. Specifically anything to do with communication; internet and phone! As we are moving to another city area, we can’t keep our phone numbers. We have also decided to go high tech and have cancelled our official landlines to go virtual using VOIP (voice over internet), meaning we will use our internet set up to communicate (still using phones). As always there is the potential that there is a short “black out” during transition, but hopefully it will all go smooth.

Moving is in a way always exciting (and extremely useful) as you get into a new environment and start with new fresh set ups. Most of all it gives you this great opportunity to throw away all the unnecessary stuff you have been keeping against better judgement. While we are going paperless more and more in our practice, it is amazing the amount of paper rubbish, files and other documents you keep and stash over time…it feels good to get rid of it and more over it is also good fengshui in the process to clean out all the clutter. If only you could see what I have thrown away today! Looking forward to our new space!

Please bare with me if I am of the radar for a few days…see how we go 🙂



18. September 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. Just got shocked reading your present experience = ooooh I HATE MOVEMENT! Just got white in my face thinking about your stress at these times. The only thing thinking positive about it is the things you have sayd: Liberation of weird old things now throught away and relieved your mind for future thinking.

    Hope everything will be fluently changing in a positive sense for you and your stuff. Beeing with you in mind and wishing you all the best ying/yang to the new location,


  2. Thanks Thomas…cleaning up has really been my biggest reward for moving. You tend to keep so much rubbish! As if a load has fallen of my shoulders! i had kept things for years and even things from last move that were still in boxes! Gone! Fresh and clean start… I love it 🙂

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