Jakarta, 27th September 2012

My last day in Jakarta…and it was again majet, majet! Trafic jams are becoming so horrible in this city that you wonder how people do business! Something is terribly wrong in the city planning and the Jakartians (are they called that way?) will be the first to admit it. Solving one piece of the traffic jam only results in moving it to another place. Right now they are building an elevated highway in front of our Raffles Hotel/ Ciputra World project but the general consensus is that it is just going to create chaos at the end of that highway when completed. Having spent lots of time in Shanghai, surely one of the elevated highway capitals of the world, I have found myself in traffic jams on these highways even in the middle of the night! And if there is one thing in the world I really dislike, it’s queuing and waiting, seems such a waste! To me a 9am meeting is a 9am meeting, not 8.30, not 9.30, but how to control your business (appointments) if you are not in control of your time? Someone once said Jakarta is the best place to learn patience!  Yeah, right!

I know several people who live in Jakarta and somehow they accept it as a way of life. Dah! I guess you have to or move out! But that’s easier said than done of course. It seems such a waste of time spending most of your “life” in the back of a car going from A to B. If only you could work, but I get “carsick” after a while if I start reading or working on my laptop, especially with bad roads and start-stop traffic. It’s good time to discuss things with my business partner, but otherwise it’s not a time you get a lot done. Doing business in places like Jakarta (and other “majet” cities around the world) is unfortunately part and parcel of our consultant’s life. It’s not easy to factor that in your fees either. I am fortunate to be able to balance that with beautiful and relaxing places like Australia or other…

Light Watch 3-146: Here are some pics I googled….

28. September 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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