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Cherating, 12th September 2012

Commissioning a project is nearly like the birth of a baby. For all those months, sometimes years, you have been nurturing your design, preparing the ideas and concepts to come into reality. It is really a natural process; conception, growth and birth. The first thing you do at birth is “clean and tidy things up” so it is presentable. Today and tomorrow I am on site for some further commissioning with next week a big media launch planned to announce the new pooldeck addition to the world. I was told more than 120 media representatives would be attending. I won’t be there because my role is here and now to make sure we reach the finish of this stage in one healthy go. As often with renovations the works are done in stages as to minimise any disruptions to on-going operations. With close to 500 guests on average in the resort at any time of the year it is a big operation. We should not forget that these renovations have to be funded and hence continuous cash flow is crucial.

So how beautiful is the baby? We all have our concepts and ideas when we start designing, create mood images and renderings to visualise it and then when the reality is there we look back and either say ah, yes…that’s what I thought it would be or…what the @#$% happened here! But the longer you have been “on tour’ the more experienced you get in understanding the impact of lighting effects when designing, anticipating contractor’s short comings and working with the generally inevitable budget constraints.  It starts with a concept, a dream, it finishes with the commissioned installation, the reality. How close dream and reality are depends on your experience in managing expectations and the process of construction from start to finish…

Light Watch 3-139: I have yet to go back to site tonight (hence my early blog) to do the night time programming and handover. While waiting for the darkness to set in I am spending time in the site office (where we have internet) no night pictures yet and it is unlikely I will be back online tonight…so here are some daytime mood pictures, see if you can imagine where the lights will be!

12. September 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. I love how well the lighting fixtures fit so well in the whole scheme.

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