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Cherating, 13th September 2012

The thing is that it does not really finish with final programming and hand over. We wish sometimes (!)… and many times it does as far as our consultancy is concerned but a good design is as good as its finished end result. And there lies a little sting…you can say the end result is the installation you hand over to your client on completion of the project or you can say it is the installation that the client will operate and enjoy without worries for the next 10 years! Our fees do not really include staying on call for problems over the next 10 years, but it does often include the so called defects and liability period, generally for the 12 months following official hand over. As part of the hand over we produce a defects and liability list spelling out all deficiencies, rectifications and all remedial work to be done. We then certify for good on completion.

As a responsible designer we do want our design “legacy” to last the distance so putting effort and attention to the final little details and putting the dots on the -i- so the speak, is an important show of care. Not all clients appreciate that but many do and making it all come together for them is very gratifying for all. I have just completed my “defects and liability” list and hope that I can follow through (the client will still need to pay for me to come to site) to get all certified to everyone’s satisfaction. As the creator we are hardly ever satisfied as we always see where we could have done better, things that were missed or simply the small imperfections glaringly visible to us, but probably not to the general public.

Light Watch 3-140: Here are some nigh pictures (taken with my Iphone) to give you a feel of the place at night. Professional photo’s will be taken soon 🙂

13. September 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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