Day tripper

Kuala Lumpur, 14th September 2012

But not a one way ticket, yeah! I am in KL for the day, my third day in a row in Malaysia, though I made an overnight stop in Singapore. As I am attending to a different client I like to keep the trip costs separated. As we operate the project from our Singapore office it makes sense to have the trips originate from there, hence the “day trip” and the reference to the famous Beatle song. Though I don’t really know of the actual contents of the song has any relation 🙂

The advantage of our Singapore office is really that we can access quite a number of markets on a “daytrip”. Malaysia, Indonesia even Hong Kong can be done in a day with an early morning flight out and a late return. Both Jakarta or KL allow us to have 10am meetings with an early start. The tricky part being more to negotiate potential traffic jams on the way from or back to the airport. We got stuck in traffic on the way just earlier (I write the blog while waiting in the airport lounge) as the local authorities decided to close some roads due to the presence of the royal couple (William and Kate) who are currently visiting the capital. The only way to move around for them considering the generally heavy (and inconsiderate) traffic, is just to close the roads to allow them a hassle-free passage. Why can’t they just enjoy the traffic jams like we do! At least they would be in touch with the reality of life! I always wonder about these kind of rich, famous and royal people. They must live on another planet! Well they actually don’t but sometimes we wish they did. We “commoners” already do it tough, pay for their (royal) trips through our taxes, then when they visit we are punished even further having to queue and wait…Don’t get me wrong, I am not really against royalty (we have our own royal house in Holland) but geez, get a taste of real life!

Anyhow I did not really intend to go on a rant…and thanks to a brilliant taxi driver we made it well on time, but it takes one that knows this city well and how you can reach a destination through the backdoor alleys rather than sheepishly follow everyone in the highway jam. Time for my weekend!

Light Watch 3-141: KL city skyline, pictures from the website

15. September 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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