The pretenders

Singapore, 17th August 2012

Some of you may be familiar with my winch for the weekend…dealing with people who pretend to be more than they are. In our project world we come across them all the time. Most of the time these are ‘junior” designers or managers trust on to the meeting stage to represent their company or department in absence of the real, decision capable bosses. To compensate their lack of knowledge and experience they hide behind bossy behaviour, often beyond reasonable. I have been around in this world a long time…I have seen them come and go. I am treading on thin ice here as I do not wish to upset of offend anyone, just sharing my frustration as we are in the middle of a project with a couple of these “pretend’ project managers.

The hard thing is to see through it and not get upset as the truth is they probably don’t realise it themselves. And you can’t really reason with them either as it exposes them as inexperienced and without real authority. It takes character to lead and admit that you are not experienced, but the funny thing is that those who do take responsibility and ownership of what they are and why they are there, including acceptance of their shortcomings, often get much more sympathy, understanding and support to achieve the project goals…we all understand! It is the pretenders who cause the most harm to a project as they are generally extremely counter-productive, with unreasonable and unnecessary demands.

Because their lack of experience and comprehension of the design and project process, communication can be tedious and time consuming. Unfortunately we generally don’t know this in advance when we propose our services. We quote based on our past experience, as it is hard to anticipate the quality of the project managers, certainly if you have never worked with that client before. Compared to dealing with “pretenders” it is therefore a breath of fresh air when you do deal with professionals who know their stuff… 🙂

Light Watch 3-124: As the coming weekend is a long weekend around here many take a little break to escape the big city and go relax in one of the many resorts to recharge the batteries. Here are some pictures from Alila and Aman Resorts to get you (and me!) in the mood. Have a great weekend!



17. August 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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