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Perth, 21st August 2012

We had a long weekend as Muslims (in Singapore and around the world) celebrated the end of the fasting month of Ramadan, also called Eid-ul-Fitr. It is one of the interesting sides of the multi-cultural Singapore society as you get to celebrate the many different public holidays linked to the various cultures and religions. The thing is though that they never seem to fall on fixed dates and are always at a different time each year, making advanced holiday planning a bit more of a challenge. Somehow I always seem to miss out on public holidays being in the “wrong” country at the “wrong” time. Not so this time though…:)

I have meanwhile “transported” myself back to Perth to follow up on some business here. While I generally speak about business issues related to our lighting designers profession, the off-time from business to me is as important as work-time. I have blogged about it before. The balance is critical to keep up in this business and if you want to last the distance. While I used to burn the midnight oil, work in the weekends and travel overnight to minimise “lost” travel time, I have reached a stage now where I value my off-time as much as I enjoy my work-time. But when you are passionate about lighting you never are far away from your work anyhow. Even this weekend when I stayed at a nice resort to escape the busy city and shut myself off from the internet , I could not resist talking to the general manager about the resorts’ lighting and today’s need for sustainable solutions. He was totally “into it” and enjoyed to show us around. I left him my business card :). We also took the opportunity to visit another nearby resort hotel (designed by Foster & Partners)…it’s in our gene’s I guess. We learn from looking around and from what others have successfully (or unsuccessfully) achieved…it was quality time in more ways than one…

Light Watch 3-125: Lighting can be a tremendous way to melt cultures and religions together. It is a neutral language that speaks to everyone’s imagination. Illumni magazine carried a cool story about public lighting art recently staged in Poitier, France, called water Light Graffiti, a project conceptualised by Antonin Fourneau. Photo’s reproduced from Illumni. See for your self. A video is available on: http://vimeo.com/47095462

21. August 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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