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Perth, 23nd August 2012

It appears many owners, operators and developers have no real understanding on how to achieve sustainability when it comes to lighting. Most of them rely on the information they receive (free!) from suppliers and manufacturers. But as the information is generally “coloured” and biased it gives them little ground to fund proper decisions on. I experienced it first-hand again this week with one of my hotel clients who was really relieved they had engaged us to do a complete lighting assessment and provide them with a thorough report on which their board of management could make informed decisions on needed investments to bring the hotel within the desired sustainability levels.

Till we came on board the only thing they had going was a couple of tests with LED replacement down lights. They were looking at one for one replacement only, a tricky business if you do not assess all necessary lighting criteria that determine quality and performance. I had my first meeting today and I could just tell the relief of the director of engineering that he finally had found an objective and knowledgeable partner to help him develop a sustainable lighting strategy. The difference being obvious…we are not there to sell products but rather to define what would constitute a proper replacement strategy within todays sustainability guidelines. Durability, value for money and return on investment. The report that we will produce will provide the management a professional evaluation of the current lighting and energy situation together with an action and costing plan so an informed decision can be made.

My point for today is that we as professional and independent lighting designers are in the best position to provide our clients with a sustainable lighting strategy for the future rather then the sales people and manufacturer representatives who can never be in an objective position to advise a client honestly. It’s called peace of mind…

Light Watch 3-128: Today is also the day that Lance Armstrong has decided not to further fight the charges of doping. He is prepared to lose all his 7 Tour de France titles and by the time I write this the first steps are already on the way to do so. It creates a real empty feeling. Was it all fake? Did we cheer on someone who was actually cheating? Peace of mind is a real strong and important feeling. We have the ability as lighting designers to provide that against potential “cheats” who try to sell their (LED) products at any costs! Here is a lighthearted and illuminated look at lighting and cycling…have a great weekend.

24. August 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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