Singapore, 16th August 2012

NDA stands for non-disclosure agreement. It is something we at times need to sign for sensitive or confidential projects. As designers we get involved in projects years ahead of its completion and sometimes the design is to be kept under wraps before it is made public. This can be for political reasons, or if it is a “military” or government” sensitive development, purely for safety and security reasons. There are also cases were approvals still need to be obtained and premature publicity to be avoided. In today’s world there are action/ protest groups for nearly anything you can imagine… Occupy, Green Peace…

We recently signed another one such project and are to be careful to whom we decimate our project information to. In fact we need to have anyone that we involve in the project in developing the lighting design to sign one such NDA as well. It wouldn’t be the first time we get drawings without labels or title blocks! No project name, no client, no project location. In fact I was once asked to do a design for a building without layouts, just a structural plan. Yes, it had some sort of configuration, but no description of what each area was. I knew only it was a government building and I knew the country. Figure it out. We resorted to developing principles of lighting, as any specific design would have meant nothing. At least with the principles they had guidelines on how to approach it and I guess that’s what they used to work it all out in detail. We did not get involved in the detailing, implementation or procurement.

It is likely that some designs are kept under wraps as to keep out “copy cats”. You know how sometimes you will find copies of new innovations before they even hit the markets. In design world leading designers and high flying clients do the same. Keep their little “baby” under wraps as long as possible. In one instance I remember a client who fed the media with a totally different (outdated and common) concept while we were working on a spectacular new design. That’s NDA for you…

Light Watch 3-123: Recently I browsed through a site that showcased amazing science project photography. I think it goes without saying that without lighting we could not visualise all these. Anti-liquid coating, insect’s eyes (rods and cones!), hairs in our ear, sun, moon,  nebula’s and spectacular lightning interacting with vulcano ash

16. August 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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