It’s raining!

Cherating, 27th-28th August 2012

Weather has always been a good excuse to explain the delay in works. Contractors under pressure to complete works on time know every trick of the book when it comes to finding reasons to justify delays in completion. I am on site in Cherating, Malaysia, today and tomorrow (as we have bad internet connection I may only be able to upload the blog tomorrow when back in Singapore) and was quite disappointed to see the slow progress of the lighting installation. Though the site has progressed a lot since I was here a couple of weeks ago I had hoped more lighting would have been installed. I did manage to get some wired up to test in the evening, but oh boy, did I have to push for it.

I have heard them all, the excuses, as it is never their fault, they are not to blame of course. Truth must be said, sometimes the reasons are valid, but considering that the business can be cut-throat, it is not difficult to imagine that all stops are pulled out whenever possible to minimise time and expenses and maximise returns. Of course bad weather is measurable, but sometimes you have the feeling it is being “used” a bit too much. Anything to do with lack of information (why is it they always seem to have way old drawings on site rather than the latest?) or insufficient supplies will be used against you. You would be amazed how much can be “lost” on site or on the way to site! The best one I heard was that the delivery truck was involved in a heavy traffic accident in Spain (the products were to be shipped from a factory there) and all products damaged or destroyed. The client asked for proof (photo’s of the accident) but it was never received… The contractor did ask for a 6 week extension, to have the products reproduced and shipped…

Today we also had the issue of customs delay. The goods were somewhere in transit but no-one knows where? Some “tax” has to be paid first to have the goods released! While the main courier services are good from country to country, when it comes to remote supplies like here in Cherating, the local distributing delivery service only seem to work half days and only once in a while…very frustrating. Anyhow we will get there rain or shine.

PS As it appears the blog website was down, but we are back up and running 🙂

Light Watch 3-129: Light, rain, thunder and lightning

28. August 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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