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Perth, 22nd August 2012

Promoting sustainable solutions in lighting as we do is nowadays a no-brainer. Not that we didn’t do that in the past, it’s just that in the present time it has been given a name or names, like sustainable, green or environmentally friendly…though you would be surprised how many designer “ego’s” are ruffled by this. Energy saving? There a quite a few that refuse to buckle under the energy saving demands and hard-headedly defy requirements rather than sacrificing what they perceived being their “5-star” lighting design creations! I believe that being able to create great lighting designs within the restrictions is far more challenging and as a result much more satisfying. But one can agree to disagree.

More importantly, how far do we go to lead our own life my example? We like to prescribe others what to do, but do we apply it to ourselves? Doctors are known to be the worst followers, or should I say takers, of their own “medicine”! Besides practicing what you preach in terms of lighting there is also the aspect of being green in general; in your equipment (computers!), your appliances and the usage of it. Do we monitor our electricity consumption? Do we switch off the lights we don’t need them or when we are away? Did we buy the most efficient and green products? And do we look at the origin of these products, where they come from, how and where they have been manufactured?

While I would like to, I have to admit that I am better at advising others than to apply it to myself and my environment! I guess there is that “there-is-always-another-day-that-you-can-do-that” sort of thing. While our clients are strict with deadlines, we generally have a tendency to do it “tomorrow”. It takes discipline to recommend our clients the right thing to do, it takes even more discipline to apply being green to yourself and your immediate environment!

Light Watch 3-126: Electricity bills are really what it is all about, recurrent monthly costs that keep coming. The Sydney Morning Herald carried this illustration from John Shakespeare. In a related article PC manufacturer Micropro launched a computer made of recyclable cardboard and wooden screens. Considering that we are fast reaching a stage where computers and other IT and communication equipment are the biggest energy consumers in our world an interesting proposition…

22. August 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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