Singapore, 7th August 2012

It is quite amazing what we humans are capable of doing. We landed people on the moon (in 1969 !) and have meanwhile managed to land several “spaceships” on Mars. The latest just yesterday…a Rover called Curiosity, a well-chosen name. The Rover will move around Mars to explore its soil so we can learn more about the origins of the universe and I guess life. I have always been fascinated by space travel and exploration and if I could afford it would probably take a ride on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic.

Curiosity has always driven human kind to explore and adventure to new, previously unknown and untested worlds. What if…? It is testimony to our creativity and ever enquiring spirit that we have evolved to where we are today. Flying, Computers, Wireless communication?…Lighting!!! It is this same spirit that drives the leading and creative lighting designers of this world. We are always curious to what lays beyond, how to push the envelope of what is commonly known, applied and possible. I am always in awe about the ever creative designers who come up with something new, often resulting in a new trend, new applications, new possibilities. Look at where we have come from just using simple incandescent and fluorescent lighting just a few decades ago to the complexity, variety and endless possibilities of LED lighting technology of today. Where will we be 20 years from now…I may be writing this blog from Mars!

Keep up the curiosity!

Light Watch 3-119: The latest pictures released by NASA that have come from Mars, show a light that that is not to unfamiliar to what we know on Earth. It looks like a similar pattern of light and shadow, day and night, defines life on Mars. Interestingly day and night on Mars are near similar to Earth with a Mars day being marginally longer with about 25 hours.

Pictures below: Mars on approach, an artist rendering of the Curiosity and the first B/W pictures after landing.
Further below: Pictures from previous expeditions (Odyssee 2001, Rover Spirit 2006, rover Opportunity 2011)

07. August 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. Curiosity is the source for my ideas. Idea Source Sincerity is the thing that drives me crazy all my life. One of the latest futurizing lighting ideas is called “G.L.O.W.” = “Grass Lighting Ornamentals Wired” to delight landscapes on the ground – not the sky (with light pollution).

    My opinion :: Going nano is the future :: more whatever on one place with the best possible intellectual refinements operable from everybody… (I’m lovin i!)

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