Whose fault is it?

Singapore, 24th July 2012

When the end result of a project is not satisfactory, whose fault is it? Who should take responsibility and own up? As professional lighting designer this can be quite a burning question and in the light of yesterday’s (and previous) blogs I am now faced with a project where I need to do some analysing and directing to resolve this issue. Personally I feel I have done all possible due diligence in testing and specifying, yet I have ended up with a project where potentially I may have to recommend the client to replace all down lights. As the lead consultant I feel responsible, but at the same time I feel misled by the manufacturer. Maybe not purposely, as they are probably learning along the way as well and the local sales reps are just feeding on the information provided to them by the principal head offices.

Whatever the case no-one really comes out unscathed. We can defend ourselves and show how well we did our due diligence, but the perception will always be that as a consultant you are supposed to know…I wish! Things are always easy when you know! Is it fair to have the client pay? Not really as they are the least to blame and rely on our expertise. If it turns out to be an electrical installation problem than the electrical contractor will have to rectify at his own costs, if turns out to be a clear product failure than it is likely that the manufacturer will bare the brunt. There is a little complication as the product brand manufacturer sold his goods through the local agent who in turn took on the warranty terms and conditions, so he will have to front up and then deal with the manufacturer later. I guess that is why we have warranties and insurances.

But coming back to my tag line of whose fault it is, I would like to ask the manufacturers to take a more responsible approach in their advertising of specifically LED technology. Yes a great technology, heaps of potential but please inform us of the many potential limitations and drawbacks. Thanks!

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24. July 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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