Quatorze Juillet!

Cherating, 14th July 2012

Today is “Quatorze Juillet”, July 14th, the French National Day and somehow I managed to end up in a typical French environment…Club Med Cherating. As it happened the last two days were spent on site with the project manager and the site contractors for the renovation we are currently undertaking.  There are worst places to be and spent your weekends..

We get to go places and though we seldom have time to combine business with pleasure occasionally it happens. Most of the time we go straight from the airport to our meetings, to the hotel and back to the airport. Working in some “you” time seems a luxury but is a nice and relaxing thing to do if you can get around actually doing it!

Otherwise my contractor meetings were of the usual “patience and don’t get frustrated” kind. They were working of old drawings, had not really prepared themselves resulting in having to lead them through the design item by item. I have the suspicion they were hoping me to do so and hence had not bothered studying the drawings and details, much to the annoyance of the project manager. But being on site also helps to resolve installation issues right on the spot and make executive decisions about any changes needed to adapt to the site conditions. I am always amazed how different the site actually feels and looks compared to the picture you make in your mind from the drawings. But I am confident we have made the right lighting design decisions and it will look nice on the day we hand over…

Light Watch 3-103: While enjoying my stay at Cherating I always look around for anything with light. I check out the state of the lighting at the place where I stay (definitely in need for renovation this one, but for a 35 year old resort it is still holding out well) and look for any other interplay with light. Being the 14th July we were treated on some fireworks (not easy to take good firework pics!) but during the day I was really struck by the beautiful play of light and shadows. I don’t know about others but I always find a lot of inspiration from daylight situations…see below

15. July 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. Dear Martin,

    I am reading Light talk – season 1 and find it very interesting.
    Wish you all the best for a long journey.


  2. Dear sarani
    Did you get the book or just read online? The book is really cool with illustrations! Let em know and thanks for your support!

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