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Jakarta, 5th July 2012

What better place to reflect on the day past then while waiting in the lounge for the flight back to Singapore. It has been a good day, good discussions and above all good decisions! Thanks to good project management I have to say. Often the role of project manager is under-valued I feel and many clients don’t seem to understand the need to get a professional manager in, preferring to rely on own in-house staff to play the project manager role. While it is good to have an internal project manager to represent the owners interest, it is even more important in my experience to have an independent professional manager to run and bring the project to a good end.

Specifically when the client is a first timer when it comes to building a project. There are so many pitfalls along the way that it is worth the money to have a professional run the project. I have experience with the worst and the best in project management and trust me, when you have a professional with experience you will know the difference! A professional PM knows the ins and outs of every discipline, has worked with each of the specialist consultancies and knows how to trust, respect and work with each individual input. When a project manager is not up to the mark you will feel that immediately, through inefficient meetings, abortive work, “misunderstandings” with unnecessary frictions as a result. If you know the value and input that can be expected from specialist consultants (like lighting) you use it to forward the project, not fight it or try to re-invent the wheel.

The biggest challenge is the interaction and link role between client and project team. The client, certainly if new to the project game, may not understand what is required to steer it to a good end and that is where the PM has its greatest value…making sure the client understands the process, the value of quality, while at the same time listening to the client and their wishes and demands…

Light Watch 3-98: Some more about the Taman Anggrek integrated media facade, which I found out  is now officially recorded by Guinness as the longest in the world (1160ft long). The video link showing the lighting effects much better than I reported yesterday.

05. July 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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