Singapore, 9th July 2012

I was trying to find quotes from Confucius about the virtue of patience, but when you search the internet you find so much rubbish that you don’t know any more which one is truly from Confucius or what has been made up under his name by others. Anyhow to make a long story short, after exactly 281 days of waiting I was finally rewarded for my patience with a payment from a client. Invoiced in  September last year, the payment was finally received. Pheeewwww…

The question one asks oneself is, was it worth the wait, the patience and sacrifice…now that the money has been received I guess the answer is yes. But during the 281 days prior, impatience, frustration, irritation and anger have surfaced regularly. Should we get a debt collector or even a lawyer to sue this client? The thing is that it’s hard to judge whether a client is genuinely needing time to pay or whether they are just stalling with a deliberate aim not to pay at all if possible. Who knows…I made the judgement call that this client was genuine in its intent to pay and played along applying regular pressure to keep the client on alert. I was rewarded today, but had many doubts along the way!

In another situation a few years back I had enough after a few months and decided to engage a debt collector. These guys can be real pains in the butt. The long and short was that the client called me after a while to settle. I will never know if he intended to settle, but I like to believe that without the debt collector (who had someone go sit in their office on a daily basis after having called them for a week every day!) I may never have seen any of the money due to me.

I know that in this part of the world patience can be a virtue, but it can be abused too! So it is really a judgement call.

Light Watch 3-100: Over the weekend I went to see the garden festival here in Singapore which had some really nice displays. Besides some wonderful colour displays I had a specific eye for lighting (of course). This is a garden from Chinese landscape designer (forgot his name). Very soothing images during those patient times…

09. July 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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