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Singapore, 16th July 2012

For a project to be successful we all need to be on the same page, have our noses in the same direction. If that is not the case (often the situation when big ego’s push their own agenda’s) the project is generally doomed. At least that is my experience and my opinion. It is for that very reason that I insist from the very start of our project involvement to meet with the key consultants (architects, interior designers, landscapers, etc). Not only do I wish to meet with the key consultants, I insist meeting the key principal of each company to make sure the commitment and support goes up to the very top. Having the commitment and understanding from the project manager or designer is nice but I have to make sure that his or her decisions are backed up and supported by their bosses is vital. I don’t want to have an “over-rule” later on.

The problem at times is that some bosses play hard to catch and getting them to attend to such initial design workshop is easier said than done.  Today I finally managed to sit around the table with the lead architect after 3 weeks of failed attempts to meet each other. Yes I was also hard to get due to my meetings and travel, but we finally managed. While the lead architect may initially have been sceptical about the need to attend such design workshop session, I think at the end he left with the satisfaction that his ideas and position were heard (and considered!) and at the same time with a greater understanding about what our lighting design approach was and most of all how it validates and enhances his architectural concept.

Being on the same page, understanding where we both come from, makes a presentation to the client a hell lot easier! Have the backing and support of the lead consultants and hence avoiding a potentially embarrassing confrontation in front of a client. It also shows professional attitude in terms of coordination.

Light Watch 3-104: Getting on the same page with architects can be a good thing… They sometimes come out with weird contraptions… 🙂

16. July 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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