London 2012

Perth, 30th July 2012

With Olympic Games 2012 in London well and truly on the way I can’t really ignore the opening ceremony, which, as Beijing 4 years ago, was spectacular in its own way. Held last Friday night (in the middle of the night in this part of the world) it was again a feast to the eye…imagine the ceremony without lighting! I should check out the history of the opening ceremonies as surely in the past it would have been held during daytime or perhaps with some fire and candles. Today’s ceremonies would be impossible without lighting and far less spectacular without the latest RGB LED colour and projection technologies. Funny how we get acustomed to all this luxury!

It made me thinking whether we should have an opening ceremony with our projects, a little light show to get our clients in the mood of the “fireworks” to come! In many ways we have to be at our best and outdo ourselves, set new standards time and again when we start a new project. It may not always be an Olympic Games stage in which we “compete” but every project is a competitive stage in which we wish to come out on top with happy memories!

Light Watch 3-114: Artistic director Danny Boyle from Slum Dog Millionaire fame, did a great job and while the storyline was very well done, my main interest really was the lighting and the fantastic scenery created, which made for great pictures as you can see below. Light is magic … no words needed






30. July 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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