Lights in Perth

Singapore, 19th July 2012

Its official, I will be heading one of the workshops of the inaugural Lights in Perth event, organised by the IES, the Lighting Society, and endorsed by the Professional Lighting Designers Association (PLDA) later this year. It will be organised in the same spirit as the hugely successful and popular Lights in Alingsas or Lights in Goa events. Western Australia and Perth particularly should provide a great canvas for the lighting workshops. The timing is also perfect in November which generally has fantastic weather! The beautiful sunsets should be a great addition to the event! Thanks to James Wallace for bringing this event to Australia!

It is an honour to be invited and a great pleasure to participate, allowing me to share my expertise and years of experience with a select group of lighting design enthusiasts. It is also a unique occasion to mix with other great lighting designers and bring a bit of a competitive spirit into the mix. I guess a bit like the oh-so popular TV show The Voice. The workshop leaders like myself will be the mentors of the teams with the aim to come out with a masterful lighting installation! May be we should call this The Light!

The team leaders have yet to be informed about the lighting locations and the general thoughts/ themes that we should follow but knowing Perth I am absolutely sure we will be able to do some great things certainly as I noted that Heritage Perth is involved. We are currently working with Heritage Perth for the re-lighting of the façade of His Majesty’s Theatre, one of Perth’s proud heritage icons. There are some great historic buildings and locations in Perth.

Light Watch 3-107: Below the official flyer with the announcement. I encourage interested participants, up and coming and established lighting designers to enrol for this event! I am not sure if there is an allocation process in terms of who gets to work with whom, but for those who would like to be in my team, please let the organiser (James) know :). It is going to be a memorable time with a lighting installation we will all look back on with pride and honour! See you in Perth!

19. July 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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