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Singapore, 18th July 2012

I find it increasingly difficult to properly specify LED technology. Contrary to the past working with traditional lighting technology when I knew what to look for, getting my hands on specifying the correct LED becomes more and more a high tech affair. A bit like hand sketching versus computer renderings.

I had a session with one of my project managers this morning trying to figure out the correct specifications for just a simple LED down light. Specifically in the light of my (bad) experience with retrofit LED lamps we are now moving full swing into specifying the complete and integrated LED technology. While we know what we want in terms of performance and quality criteria, it is not necessarily a straight forward selection. You want certain dimensions, certain light distributions, certain intensities, all that with the lowest energy consumption and longest life and dimming flexibility. Unfortunately there are still many limitations. Certain fittings only come with certain colour temperatures (special colours on demand), some are not dimmable, some have unfavourable light distributions. Some can be driven on 300mA, some on 500mA and some on 700mA, all with different impact. Then we have the 230V or 12V options and so on. It is really becoming a puzzle to get it right.

After this morning’s session I am still not satisfied and fired a long list of questions to the manufacturer for clarification. Issues with drivers, dimming capabilities, emergency hook ups, still need to be resolved. Most of all I find it harder and harder to visualise the lighting intensity. A 6W LED down light today does not have the same brightness as the 6W from yesterday! It’s getting brighter and brighter! To me we have still not found the right LED downlight…but how difficult can it be? It’s just a down light!

Light Watch 3-106: Tonight I went out with some family to enjoy the views from the Marina Bays Sands Sky Deck. Singapore has come such a long way since I first came here 25 years ago! Some pics shot with my Iphone (not the best quality) but alas…







19. July 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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