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Singapore, 6th July 2012

With Le Tour de France cycling completing its first week (I am a big fan of it and just saw Peter Sagan win his 3rd stage!) I was just wondering if there are any parallels between competitive cycling and professional lighting design. It maybe far fetched but if you think of it there are certainly a few. The cyclers work in a team like we do to deliver the end result, day by day with the aim to score the big success at the end! The cyclers (do you call them that way?) have their race specialists with some of them specialised in sprinting, some in time trials, some in climbing, the leading man has to be an all-rounder, but all working as a team. Likewise in a lighting design practice we have the same; we have specialists (designers, draftsmen, renderers, project managers, etc) and we have the leader being all round, but deliver the end result as a team. If you do not know all the fine sides of the practice (whether a cycling road racer or a lighting designer) and what it takes to deliver a winning end result it is tough to come through.

Like in a cycling race it is hard to predict the end result as you are subject to many unexpected influences. In racing it may be the weather or crashes or just not feeling fit on the day, in lighting design it may be the clients requirements, the lack of budgets (read financial crisis) or just not feeling inspired to come up with a good concept. It all happens. But what we do both know is where/ when the start is and where the finish line will be. We also know the landscaping of the long and winding road towards the finish, but despite knowing the route and its degree of difficulty (flat or mountainous), we never know what to expect along the way. We are aware of the dangers and potential pitfalls (strong winds/ difficult clients!) but as professionals we both have the experience to deal with it, whether sitting on a bike or sitting behind a computer!

Light Watch 3-99: Today’s tour stage (Epernay-Metz) in pictures. Stage winner Peter Sagan ahead of Andre Greipel and Matthew Goss. There are always some Dutchies along the route, trust them! Have a great week-end 🙂

07. July 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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