Jakarta, coming of LED age

Jakarta, 4th July 2012

Today and tomorrow I will be in Jakarta attending meetings. For those who travel regularly around the region you pretty much know the flight routine. Up early, check in and relax in the lounge until departure time. On short flights like this (about 1hr+) you just manage to get a little bite and a coffee, but most business people travelling for the day lay haplessly sleeping in their seats, courtesy I assume of the early wake up. Then there is the rush to the immigration counters, as the waits can be notoriously long, the immigration officers agonisingly slow! That is when it pays to sit in the front of the plane! 🙂

The ride from the airport to the city is actually longer then the flight, courtesy of the notorious “majet” (traffic jam). Galih picked me up so our ride was pleasant and usefully efficient allowing us to catch up and discuss the latest developments in Indonesia. There is heaps going on in this country, easily visible my the many construction sites and latest newly completed building. I have been coming to Jakarta on and off over the last 25 years and have seen the city grow and grow and grow…

What I hadn’t seen till recently was the abundant use of LED lighting on facades, like can be found in China, Singapore and Hong Kong, etc. But with the recent upgrade of the Taman Anggrek podium block, just next to Central Park we now have a serious contender for one of the biggest High Definition LED facades in this region, if not in the world. Costing well over U$ 5 million I have been told it extends over the full length of the podium block façade. High pixel density throughout with TV picture quality at two central areas. Nothing really original, just wallpapering the full façade with LED’s, but somehow it felt different. Well balanced and flowing content with perfectly synchronised lighting effects. And most of all, and amazingly for this part of the world, very little faulty LED’s. Considering the generally well known poor track record in contractor installation, product quality and maintenance, a refreshing sight! Of course it just opened 1-2 months ago, so I may eat my words 6 months down the road 🙂

Light Watch 3-97: Below some “on the run” pictures I took from the Taman Anggrek, LED façade and other buildings around Central Plaza on my way back after dinner. For good measure I throw in the amazing dinner palette which we sampled at the Garuda Restaurant tonight. You just pay for what you eat …

05. July 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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