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Singapore, 2nd July 2012

And so we glided into July…

Friday turned out to be too hectic with meetings cumulating in my overnight flight back from Delhi to Singapore and as a result I did not manage to do my blog and in the weekend I really wanted to relax and let everything be…it had been a busy couple of days in India. It was a good trip and I felt we achieved a lot and this morning back in the office I spent the time debriefing the projects with my team.

Today I wanted to blog about something out of left field…one of those technologies used in other totally different applications generally but which somehow has found its way into lighting. I am talking about drone technology, you know those unmanned flying robots remote controlled and generally used in the military field to spy and uncover difficult to reach information. On my way back from India I read about the drone technology being used for a light show in a Creativity Festival in the South of France. In a cross-over from the drone technology, intelligent lights were being focussed on flying drones equipped with operable mirrors. Flying and moving around on the soundtrack of some music, the lights and programmable mirrors on the drone as well as the moving drones themselves, created quite a spectacular light show.

The magic being the fact that you could not really detect the “quadrotor” drones only the light emitted from them and reflected of its (movable) mirror. It takes a while before you actually realise how the lighting magically moves around. Obviously programmed up to the minuscule details I thought it was quite spectacular and I would not be surprised to see more of this cross over application find its way into the lighting field. Probably in the event and entertainment lighting field first but why not in architectural lighting? Why not have some spectacular lighting drones in a ballroom or for an outdoor landscape or façade. Once you start thinking about it (at least I do) it seems the opportunities are multiple!

Light Watch 3-95: Here is the link to the video. I leave you to imagine what else we could do with this cross over technology!


02. July 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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