Kuala Lumpur, 11th July 2012

In KL today for a project kick off meeting. All the project team members are either from KL or Singapore as coordination is of great importance. This the time where you get to meet your fellow project team members and where you get a first feel of the personalities involved. You may have worked with some of the companies before but there are always new faces and new people involved and they come with attitudes and some with arrogances. To me a project is team work. If the players have difficulties in cooperating and respecting fellow consultants then it spells problems further down the road. Specifically architects can be quite up their noses, admittedly sometimes with reason, but every project is a new one and projecting arrogance (the “my way or the high way” attitude) at the start of a project may set the wrong tone. That is where the value of a good project manager comes to the fore. They have the challenging task of keeping all the ego’s in check!

I have met many arrogant consultants, some with reason, some totally misplaced. We can agree to disagree, but above all we need respect for each other (and each-others time) as in principle we are all professionals and experts in our fields with  busy workschedules. It was only Monday that I was made to wait half an hour before finding out the architect could not even bother to attend the meeting at the clients office which was set up specifically for him and me to meet and go through the lighting concept. Only when we enquired with the client we were informed he was at another meeting. Not a phone-call, no apologies, nothing. I can understand that meetings drain out or you are held up, but when you see that coming, you inform the rest that you will be delayed or cannot make it, just simple courtesy and show of respect! I can appreciate arrogance with style, but I loathe arrogance with disrespect.

Light Watch 3-102: As I walked through the client’s shopping mall this afternoon I had a quick look at shop window signage lighting, always interesting and educational to look at what’s out there. The different “techniques”. Some well executed some really left wanting! Here are some well-known names…

12. July 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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