Absentees are always wrong

Singapore, 12th July 2012

There is a saying that says “absentees are always wrong”. It is easy to blame those who cannot defend themselves, right? In one of our projects we feel that at times our (requested) presence in meetings is really a waste of time, so assessing the need we decline and sent in a status report to the team prior to the meeting so everyone knows where we are at. However the downside of course is that you only get to know through the minutes what was discussed (and made the minutes). New information or developments that would need your input of course cannot be reacted to and if it negatively affects you the team will be quick to blame you! Anything to divert attention, certainly if it is aimed at someone who is not present to refute any negative allegations!

Anyhow today I felt we should be present even though we had heaps of other work to attend to and there was not really any major issue needing our presence. On receiving the project  meeting’s briefing back from KLD’s attending project manager I felt I had made a politically correct decision. Several issues popped up which could potentially blow up in the future as the project progresses, but timely “interception and redirection” during the meeting in my view avoided that.

There was also the issue that by showing presence we showed good will and positive attitude towards the client, despite the fact that their project management is seriously lacking in proper management and administration. The client is always right, yes, but at times it comes with great deals of frustration and rather than “boycotting” project progress as leverage against project managements failure to deliver, showing good will can go a long way.

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12. July 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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