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Singapore, 3rd July 2012

With travel looming tomorrow again I spent a good part of the day working on projects that needed my input in view of upcoming deadlines, though I still had to go out for a two meetings later in the afternoon. It was pretty much a normal day at the office today.

An early visit from a supplier to do some value engineering on one of our projects that really has a very tough budget (who invented the term value engineering anyhow?), followed by some time clearing up the email inbox and replying to some that needed a reply. Replying within 24 hours is one of the disciplines that we try to adhere to whenever possible. Then some individual project meetings with my staff to clear and decide on design directions and lighting details.

I then had some meeting minutes to finalise and sent out, something that can be quite tricky as minutes are generally a reference to the team in regards to what has been agreed, so making sure the minutes are politically correct and in line with our scope and responsibilities. Then another supplier popped in bringing in some product samples for our testing and assessment. Today was pretty much a lunch on the run as so often.

Then sometime for some project acquisition work, though not typical for every day in the office today certainly had some regular features: we lost a project , we got confirmed in another, we got approached for two others and submitted an expression of interest for another one… we like it that way 🙂

Finally a project coordination meeting including an overseas conference call with the client, another meeting for a new project brief and that was pretty much the day gone. On return another session on the email inbox following up on pressing issues. A last review of my presentation for tomorrow and off for diner…

Light Watch 3-96: The big news in Singapore over the last couple of days, and pretty much world news was the grand opening of the Gardens by the Bay with its Super Trees and huge indoor nursery.  Did not yet have time to go but have planned that for very soon. I will go towards evening to enjoy the daily light show. See some pictures here.

04. July 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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