Thinking out of the box

Singapore, 21st June 2012

Thinking out of the box is an art…literally. As a designer it is something we are challenged to do on a near daily basis but when I look around I actually see very little signs of creative designs really out of the so called box. Most lighting designs I see seem proven concepts, straight out of the “drawer”. In other words we tried it before it worked well, let’s do it again. We reshape it, remodel it and reformat it to fit the new design and off we go. I have no shame in admitting that this happens often in our design and there is nothing wrong with it as that is the experience our clients want and pay us for.

It inspires me to see designers and artists using conventional methods and techniques to achieve something new, original and unique. Why didn’t I think of that before! It is easy to fall into routines and apply what you know but pushing the imagination by using existing well known materials and their properties to create something new is something what help tickle our minds as designers.

Light Watch 3-90: Here is a compatriot, photographer/ artist, who thinks out of the box. Marcel Heijnen is a Dutchman working out of Singapore who is using an out of the box technique to photograph Asian Cityscapes. Using a clear glass under an angle he captures derelict and weathered walls with the reflection of the cityscape buildings superimposed on the image. It results in very creative and interesting pictures. As a lighting designer it stimulates me creatively to see his work as he is using basically the principles of light for his creations. Glass has both a transparent as well as a reflective property which we as lighting designers use (or avoid) as appropriate. Combining light to use both these properties in just the right balance is original and very “out of the box”.

His exhibition called Residue 2.0 is on in Singapore’s Fort Canning Art Gallery.

21. June 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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