There is always another bus around the corner

Singapore, 20th June 2012

Sometimes your patience thins out to a level where you lose faith in good outcomes. But keeping faith and (healthy) optimism helps staying sane as in our project world nothing is straight forward and nothing really develops as planned. Always expect the unexpected and never assume anything are some of the sayings I keep in mind as much as possible.

Sometimes you get appointed within a week of first contact (yes that happens!) sometimes it can be years!! I have currently projects in negotiation for more than a year already. But another just materialised today within 2 weeks of initial contact. No hassles, no tedious negotiations, a one-time fee proposal and straight up acceptance, we like it that way. What a breath of fresh air compared to those months (sometimes) years of on-and-off negotiations.

The same happens with people and clients you know. They can be off the radar for years and suddenly out of the blue, a new project triggers their memory of you and you receive a call from someone you thought was a long lost friend. I got such call today…we hadn’t spoken for at least 3 years, lost contact so to say. He didn’t have my latest contact details but managed to reach me on my cell which has been the same number for the at least the last 10-15 years now. Whether I remembered him? Of course I did and very happy to hook up again. He is got a project he would like me to help him with…it was a good day today 🙂

You can never tell in our business but you do know that if you miss the bus there is always another one around the corner…

Light Watch 3-89: Always expect the unexpected…here is something unexpected recently on show at the Sydney Vivid Light festival…

20. June 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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