Power of visual mock ups

Delhi, 27th June 2012

Yes I did not write my blog yesterday…just did not happen due to work and travel. As you will notice I am in Delhi but didn’t have the energy after arriving here to write my blog last night. I am in Delhi for the rest of the week meeting clients, suppliers, attending to design coordination meetings and doing site progress inspections. Considering the traffic situation here you will imagine the amount of hours to be spent driving around. Since my arrival I must have done at least 3-4 hours in the car already.

Just now I returned from a night time assessment of a shopping mall visual mock up. A section over 3 floors was mocked up to assess the architectural and lighting impact, locally on each floor and overall in the atrium…the power of visual mock ups. A mock up like this shows everything, the good and the bad! For those of us that have done visual assessments of mock ups, I think we all know the frustration seeing that the client has value engineered the lighting even before we can assess the real thing! Today was no exception with the mock up equipped with locally procured “best-educated-guess” substitutes! It is frustrating because we are evaluating something without option of comparison with what it should have been. The comments basically describing what is being missed out in quality and performance by the cheap alternatives.

Following this morning’s meeting it should have come as no surprise after I was introduced to two local lighting suppliers (who invites lighting suppliers during a design coordination meeting?) But the guys were obviously close to the owner and acted that way, so I politely listened without any commitment, but making clear I would not tolerate shortcuts in quality or warranty commitments. Just recently there was a situation in a project were a “local” supplier promising years of warranty on his products was nowhere be found after problems with the lights occurred after completion of the installation. It really pays to spent on branded and reputable goods, if only to assure warranty and after sales service.

Visual mock ups are powerful tools in assessing the quality of the design and lighting performance, specifically when they are executed as per specification. It makes the task of value engineering so much more meaningful. When will clients and project managers learn?

Light Watch 3-93: Here are some pictures of Delhi shopping malls. It is amazing to see how every mall, which ever country you are more or less follows the same concept! Nothing is specifically Delhi about these malls…universal shopping!

28. June 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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