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Singapore, 11th June 2012

Part of our job, when you get more established and recognised as expert lighting designer, is that your opinion is being sought by the professional media. In my life as professional lighting designer I have had numerous magazine articles written but occasionally I have had my little moment of fame in the main stream media with interviews in a daily newspaper or in a life radio and TV program.

Today was one of those days in which I was interviewed for Singapore’s main stream daily newspaper ahead of their coming weekend edition. You never know how much in the end remains from such interview, sometimes nothing! Sometimes they use little snippets of your interview in the context of a greater storyline. The difference between main stream media and professional media is that generally you don’t get to see (let alone edit) the story that will be put out. In the professional magazines you generally are being sent the artwork draft with edited text for your review and approval, but in main stream it is touch and go. Fingers crossed they got it right and understood what you were saying! The point with main stream media is generally that those who interview you are not necessarily knowledgeable in regards to your subject so you need to use simple terminology and easy to understand metaphors.

This story will be an educational piece about art lighting design techniques telling readers how to light up their art works. I have no idea how many other “specialists” they have interviewed, but I am always happy and available to share my knowledge as I believe that with my vast experience I can contribute to a better awareness of good lighting (design). Specifically when it comes to the general public who are often taken for a ride by scrupulous sales people, a professional opportunity like this is a great way to reach out to the general public. Let’s hope the article comes out well!

Light & Learn 3-14: Lighting your private art collection is an art by itself… 🙂
Key considerations for the right selection of the lighting are:
– Value of your artwork
– Sensitivity to (UV) light and (IR) heat (material, whether stone or paper/textile for instance)
– Shape, size and form (flat or 3D)
– Colours (rendering and vibrancy)
– Location and main viewing angles (distance)
– Ability to focus light and avoid glare (lighting effect)

11. June 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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