Singapore, 12th June 2012

Lighting design is very much about inspiration. Every time we start a design part of our creation is inspiration. Yes we are guided by practical considerations which are either directed by the clients brief, operator guidelines or internationally applicable standards, but for me the key ingredient for a good lighting design is inspiration. Inspiration can come in many shapes and forms. It can be the use of a certain light in an unusual application, a lighting effect that blends in with the overall design intent or a series of colours and material interactions that gives you that sudden excitement that you are on to something.

You generally know when you are on to something when it sort of all clicks and comes together. Not only in the sense of the creative lighting concept, but also when it starts making common sense in regards to more practical requirements and compliances. Reversely you can be slogging it for a long while not finding “that” solution or concept. With experience you always know what works, so we are always able to come up with a good solution, one that works and delivers the result desired, but there is that distinct difference between a good solution and an inspired “wow” solution. The latter one sometimes comes after a lot of sweat and work, generally after having made design detours through all kinds of impossible but initially good looking concepts. The inspired end solution is generally simple and obvious, but to see the obvious you at times need to have looked at all kinds of other wild ideas. It is hard to describe what inspiration is and when or how you get it…it can be anytime and anywhere, you just need to be open and alert to the world around you.

Light Watch 3-84: May be these images from the international space station will inspire you. Astronaut and photographer Don Petit currently in orbit in the space station, yesterday released this set of images taken with a technique called time-lapse photography. These images sort of make the time stand still and allows you to visualise all kind of things…seeing is not only what you see but also much about what you want to see!


12. June 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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