For “guts” and glory

Yangon, Myanmar, 6th June 2012

My last day in Yangon…we took the time to go visit one of the other leading hotels in the city currently undergoing renovation to have some reference in regards to the local design and contractor standards. The contractor as it turns out is also bidding for the renovation and extension work of our project. Singapore based, Malaysian born and working for a Thai company. Pretty much a typical background that we find throughout this region. The interesting coincidence is that this hotel was also build in the mid 90’s and is therefore an excellent reference when it comes to how it has stand the test of time, and how renovations over the years have kept up its 4 star rating (Myanmar 5 star).

One of the main things I came away with from the visit was the importance to make sure we have totally new “guts” (electrical cabling) as over nearly 20 years the reliability may have suffered. While lots of the original design was salvaged, making sure the “engine” is new, seems crucial. I can install new lights with the latest technology but if the cabling is dodgy and unreliable it will be cause for lots of headaches. Also today’s technology is more demanding, more sensitive, so it makes sense. I hope our client agrees!

Many of the original light fixtures were re-used after a proper clean-up and re-lamping re-applied in the interiors. It was somehow refreshing to see good old halogen lamps and even PAR56 adjustable down lights used! I’m not sure of the longevity of this strategy with incandescent lamps gradually being phased out, but as for now in Myanmar there are still plenty available! It looked really good, warm and inviting. I will certainly consider the re-use of “old” light fittings if they can be patched up to look as new, though this strategy may not really work for us as the light fittings I saw were in poor condition due to obvious lack of maintenance. Over the next few days I will digest all this information as to formulate a sustainable lighting strategy for the long run…who knows it may take another 18 years before the next major renovation!

Light Watch 3-81: Here are some more pictures from today…

Street view; high mast lighting and LED traffic lights!


Re-use of light fittings…100% Incandescent!

Same view but from mezzanine level

Redoing the “guts”

Yangon city centre

The Strand, Yangon’s most famous hotel…

06. June 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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