Even the best fail

Singapore, 18th June 2012

The Dutch have just been sent packing from the Euro 2012 Soccer Tournament :(. We did not even win a game, what a shame! Being (one of) of the best, having some of the greatest talents is obviously no guarantee that you always win. We went in unbeaten in all the qualification matches, yet when it most mattered all went wrong…

It feels very similar to my lighting problems with LED’s. We seem to specify the best of the best but still at times it does not come together. Like soccer, a good lighting end-result (read winning score) is totally depended on each and every part of the chain working to optimum performance (read: motivated team work). You can have one of the most expensive products (read players) but that is not a guarantee for success if they are not in optimal condition (read: physical and mentally). Last night Ronaldo was obviously in great shape for Portugal!

So what to do now for the Dutch? Like me and my LED issues I guess they will have to analyse their performance from top to bottom…analyse each and every component, from physical and mental fitness (LED: product quality and limitations) to field strategy (LED: electrical infra-structure), to peripheral influences such as accommodation, food, transport, climate, etc (LED: human, environmental and architectural influences). Somewhere in the chain of events we will find weak links and no matter how good all other parts are it is the weakest link that will determine the ultimate end result…

Light Watch 3-87: To lift the spirits a little plug for the first Light Festival in Rio de Janeiro that opens its doors today 18th June till 29th June (see www.luznacidade.com ). The website creates interest by showing enticing installation from similar events in Europe taking cue from festivals in France and Italy. Here are some images from the website.

Some entries:

Images from Festivals in France and Italy

18. June 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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