Do they really care?


Singapore, 25th June 2012

I have a strange situation in a project where I am wondering if the client actually cares about what we are doing. We have been on the job for more than 6 months, have produced our work up till design development but have had little to no feedback on any of our submissions. The last time I had a direct feedback with proper comments is when I presented our concept design way back in January or February. Even information from other project consultants has been sporadic and erratic to say the least.

It is a strange feeling and we have more or less put the project on a slow burner pending my meeting with the client later in the week. Without any feedback, comments and direction (budget!) it is hard to move forward. We can but think that the economy is affecting the speed of this project even though I have been assured that the project is very much alive. But to move on I need to get some “straight answers”, decision about our design direction so we can cut to the chase and finalise the specifications for procurement and construction.

Normally it is the other way around…the client or his project management representative, is chasing you, pushing you to deliver at times against impossible time schedules. We are now in a situation that we feel we are driving the project, dictating the speed and in the process wondering if the client actually cares…we have of course an added incentive to drive the project forward as it obviously dictates the pace of payment and the company’s incoming cash flow. 🙂

Light Watch 3-92: Today I read about another lighting festival, this time in Singapore again…even more it is on-going right now! It seems there are too many competing events to the extent that we become “blind” for yet another event. Don’t get me wrong I support these initiatives, but it seems uncoordinated and as a result many of us are unaware. If I can i will try make my way this weekend. The images of the projects I googled seem to be of a better quality then what i saw at Ilight Marina Bay!

For those interested there is more on the website


25. June 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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