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Singapore, 2nd June 2012

Couldn’t use my laptop last evening as it was in the capable hands of Gerard, IT expert extra-ordinaire…My external hard disc had crashed on me and my laptop needed some serious clean up! All done now, though still doubtful if I can recover the info from my hard disc. Most of the business stuff is backed up in our server, but some of my private files may be lost…fingers crossed.

In this weekend edition I am touching on the inspirational journey of Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate and democracy icon from Myanmar (Birma) who is taking the world stage this weekend at the World Economic Forum in Bangkok, her first trip abroad in 24 years! It has an additional meaning to me as I am off to Yangon (Rangoon) on Monday as we embark on a new project over there. What touched me and made me realise (like her!) how much the world has changed over the last 20 years, is her touching story on how she experienced the dazzling lights of Bangkok on arrival.

Having been locked up in Myanmar for the last 24 years and used to the frequent black outs, power shortages and minimal lighting, arriving in Bangkok must have been a real shock to the system! The captain of the Thai Airways flight apparently had been so kind to invite her up in the cockpit (where are the good old times we could do that?) so she would have had a real first-hand view. As she put it:”I was completely fascinated by the lights”…

To show how well she is aware of the world energy situation she added cunningly that Myanmar would be needing an energy policy as it develops towards a new future! As I am off to Myanmar it seems a very timely observation! I will report back on my trip next week…

Light Watch 3-78: When you compare the skylines of the two cities there is an obvious difference. While Bangkok as many high-rises and is densely populated, Yangon’s main feature is its famous temple, one of the few lit structures at night. Below some pictures…

Myanmar…a new dawn?

02. June 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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