Wheeling and dealing

Singapore, 29th May 2012

Making sure you get the best deal for your client seems a fairly straight forward exercise but in practice it is not. Certainly if your lighting design is worked out in Singapore and your project location is at the other end of the world! We are in the midst of such exercise for one of our projects making sure we have all ends covered and that the prices quoted to our client genuinely reflect the actual costs and that not too many players and layers are involved that unnecessarily jack up the price. We do appreciate that we need local after sales service and warranty and that hence we need to integrate the local supplier in the process. However we do not need the architect and various “other players” to be part of the chain.

We got a local price quote today for this overseas project that was way over the top and feels like the client is being taken advantage of. It was already strange that we could not get any quote from the local agent despite us requesting so for the last couple of months! Instead we were asked (by both agent and the architect!) to produce our budget costs based on Singapore prices. While we already had these prices it did not make sense to us to work on (or even submit) these other as to just use it for our own reference as what we really needed to understand is the chain of people and costs involved for the products to be delivered on site in the country of destination.

One of the benefits of engaging an experienced lighting designer as we are, is that we have direct contacts with the original manufacturers head office and its distribution network and have the professional cloud to negotiate project deals for specific clients. As we all know there are various levels and margins on lighting products, in some cases up to 200-300% when purchased to retail channels!! So by unpeeling the various layers of supply we can bring it down to reasonable and acceptable costs (including normal profit margins for the local suppliers). We do not want to short change anyone… including the client!

Light Watch 3-76: Getting good prices is no joke… 🙂
Here are some “jokes” about lighting googled from the net.

30. May 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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