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Perth, 22nd May 2012

With the cut throat competition between LED lighting suppliers (nearly everyone nowadays!), there is an increasing need to create awareness for clients and end users to weed out the “profiteers” who offer below par quality LED at irresponsible prices and warranties. Today I met with a supplier who is going out of their way to educate the client about the basic needs in regards to good quality LED’s.

In a strategy pinched from the consumer market they are offering LED sets as a kit to actually try out, compare and assess. But rather than just giving sets away at no cost the kits are actually for sale, but with a money back guarantee if the product proves unsatisfactory. This gives value to the system and the comfort of knowing that in case the lights do not work out, for whatever reason, there is a no questions asked money back guarantee.

Education is one thing but in lighting you need to see and experience it (to believe it). It is very much a sensory thing, whether the lighting is purely for performance or just for mood setting. So offering “experience kits”, or however you wish to name them, seems like a clever thing to do, certainly if you are confident about your product. These guys are because they know they have a good and reliable product that can stand the test, but they fight end-users whose minds have been “brainwashed” by smooth talking sales people.

Many suppliers act like they are confident but in their heart know their product is not necessarily a good product, some of them praying that the lights will keep working properly past the warranty time! So finding suppliers who consistently work on proper education and awareness creation for their clients is refreshing and laudable. Responsible manufacturers and suppliers should follow suit and promote quality over (sales) quantity. In the end we all win because nobody wins by building up a bad name for the (LED) technology.

Light Watch 3-71: Following on from yesterday, here are some pictures showing of mother nature…daylight and darkness mixed with the clouds …




22. May 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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