The illusion of appointments

Singapore, 10th May 2012

Somehow it seems like the economy is picking up lately. More and more clients are finally making decisions and projects are moving. I heard similar feedback from others in the market. Another client informed us by email that we are appointed and “will we please get on with the work”. Hey, wait a minute…are all our terms and conditions agreed to? Where is the official appointment letter, signed sealed and delivered. What about our appointment fees?

Some “paymasters” are very clever. They get you to get on with your work hoping that in your excitement and commitment you will “absorb” some slight changes in the terms and conditions. Of course you find out way into the project. In order to log you in some even happily pay your down payment. I have burnt myself several times in the past. Of course not every client is like that, many are a joy to work with. But those who don’t really want to pay (often the very rich ones, I guess that’s how they got rich!) resort to undercover strategies, giving you first the illusion that you are appointed and that all is well, to get you started as quickly as possible because on top of that we are nearly always appointed at 5 to midnight.

Typical conditions that you may find slightly altered when you receive your actual contract are things like, percentages per stage of work (what happened to my 20% on appointment?), payment terms (what happened with to my 30 days payment term?), additional work clauses and duration of project (no client really wants to log themselves in for a committed construction schedule, even if they penalise you if you don’t make the schedule). I blogged before about the taxes and charges levied on your fees (somehow they always try you to pay for it out of your clean fees) and so there are many more. Time is money so they think, but hey, that’s how we think too!

So having been appointed is nice but unless we have the contract signed sealed and delivered, all terms and conditions agreed and committed to and the first payment in the bank, some appointments may still end up an illusion 🙂

Light Watch 3-64:To stay in the lighting we have our optical illusions, optical effects that are part and parcel of our lighting designs. Here are some examples. Just imagine the little dots and squares as light fittings against ceiling or other material back grounds including colour contrasts and you will see what I mean….

The horses have the same colour!

10. May 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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