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Perth, 18th May 2012

Good results come from good team work. I know it is an “open door’ statement, but remains oh, so valid. Before we engage in a project as lighting designers we generally do our due diligence in regards to the client, his reputation, his past track record and we enquire with those whom have or are working with him about their experiences and the client’s payment practice. So basically we want to know whether this client respects quality, trusts and follows through on the consultant’s recommendations and above of all whether they are a good and reliable paymaster.

If that all feels good, you move to checking out the rest of the project team you will be working with, who is the architect, the interior designer, the landscape consultant, the project manager and so on. Have we worked with them before, did we have a good experience or if not how is their reputation. We have just quoted for a project that has Foster & Partners as the architects and having worked with them before so we know the level of quality and details they demand.

Even  more important are the people you will be working with. Yes the company has a certain image and reputation but so have the individuals in that company. I know clients who request specific individuals from a company to be involved as part of the contractual agreement, which makes sense. We like to deal with people we know or in whom we have faith that they will deliver. This is generally based on past experience, but sometimes based on reputation.

Today I had a kick off meeting with a new team of people, people I had never met before, people I never worked with before. I have dealt with some of their companies in other projects, but never with these specific people. Such first meeting is crucial as that is where the team spirit is build, relationship are founded, creating a base on which the project has to be built. After having spent the day with this team I have a good feeling that the right people are on board, that there is the right attitude towards the goals to be achieved and most of all that due trust and respect was shown towards the individuals and their expertise.

Now everybody of course is all smiles when the project starts and time will tell whether we all have what it takes to finish the project smiling as well, but as for now we are off to a good start with a great and highly spirited team!

Light Watch 3-69: On my way back I decided to have a look at the Perth’s Council House, which to much fanfare and at a price of more than $1 Million had installed an LED façade lighting about 2 years ago. I had heard that it was showing signs of aging (already!) with many lights not working. I think it’s a real shame that such iconic building does not maintain and do more with its lighting, certainly considering the price it paid for it! Below the original press picture used at the inauguration and further down some pics I took tonight. Judge for yourself! Have a great weekend 🙂


18. May 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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