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Kuala Lumpur, 24th May 2012

Bet a lot of my competitors would love to know how I go about my project acquisition…I am in Kuala Lumpur for the day to meet some new clients and ick of new projects. Some clients want you to come out to meet them for interview, so if you can combine that with other project meetings in town you can piggy back these meetings and save on the flight and accommodation costs (if you stay overnight). Though trip costs to KL from Singapore are relatively minor, it could save you significantly once you start flying out to further away areas, like I recently did to Qatar for instance.

Today in KL I had the opportunity to meet with some new clients on the back of a scheduled project meeting. The thing with getting into new projects is really to get comfortable with each other as you potentially enter into a long term relationship, technically a sort of marriage. So this personal encounter, call it interview if you want, serves to assess each other. The client wish to strengthen his confidence in you (he must have had some by inviting you in the first place) and through this personalised discussion get a good feel of your experience, your attitude and most of all the deliverables to be expected. You at the same time get a feeling of their experience (you would be surprised how many clients are first timers never having done a project of such nature before!) their attitude and proposed management towards the job. You generally get a good feel of that in such first meeting. We of course ultimately want a client that has trust in and respect for your services (basic for any relationship!) and above all is the perfect paymaster! Unfortunately the latter we sometimes only find out (too) late in the process…

Being confident about what you can offer to the success of the project is of course key! Any one that is going to engage your services surely wants to have the feeling they got the best deal and a winner for the project! Will see if we managed to convey that to the client…

Light Watch 3-72: Kuala Lumpur has changed so much since they days I was working on the Petronas Twin Towers (mid 90’s)! After my meetings I went out for a little drink before catching my flight back at the Starhill Gallery Mall in central KL where the lighting is as good as anywhere else in the world!

25. May 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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