Noche Zero

Perth, 21st May 2012

Another beautiful day in Perth, we are lucky here with an average of 8-9 hours sun shine a day throughout the year. Add to that the (really crisp) blue skies and a Mediterranean climate together with the relative unspoiled landscape and relaxed lifestyle and you have great ingredients for living. It is not by accident that we have one of the few world network tracking telescopes up in the hills just outside the city. We are blessed with beautiful starry night skies and outside the city you generally can see the milky-way.

Most of us in this world however are not so fortunate and believe it or not there are people in big cities that have never seen stars other then in movies. Many of us do not even know what it is to be in real complete darkness. Darkness where on a night where the moon fully shines you can simply find your way even with 0.25 lux. As lighting designers we have to be conscious about our natural environment, but in order to design with a conscience we need to know the zero point, complete darkness. Only then can we create a lighting design that is in balance with our planet. Ying and yang…light and darkness.

Introduced recently during L&B in Frankfurt I am pleased to join in the promotion of the Noche Zero event that will allow those who can make it personally, but even others through the spin off awareness activities, to reconnect, rebalance and retune ourselves to complete darkness and undisturbed daylight. Like we need to calibrate our lux meters, this will be the opportunity to re-calibrate your-self, away from light polluted cities.

Light Watch 3-70: Details can be found on the website at: :

“Noche Zero will take place from 16 to 18th October in the Tacama Desert, Chile, the driest place on earth with the clearest sky on the planet and one of the worlds epi-center’s for astronomical observation. The most stunning starry skies will be the backdrop to this unique opportunity to hear the multiple view- points of leading experts and for you to contribute to a new way of treating and understanding the role of darkness in urban lighting design. Noche Zero will be the experience of a lifetime”…

Below some pictures taken from the website.

21. May 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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