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Singapore, 26th May 2012

Did not make it yesterday, too many things going on and then later in the evening I went out and did not have the energy to write my blog. It was a day in which I predominantly tried to get my head around finalising negotiations on several new project fee proposals. Meeting directly with the client as we did over the last few days for several projects, really helped to establish a personal bond and assess the client’s position towards your company in general and their expectations towards your services and their budget for your fees in particular.

We both want “more” for “less”, the difference being that their “more” is in regards to your deliverables and our “more” is in regards to our fees while their “less” relates to your fees and our “less” to our deliverables :). So we look for win-win solutions and often that comes out of offering more for less.  What I mean is that we offer to take on more scope but at discounted fees. Am I starting to lose you?

For instance instead of 1 project for the price of 100 we offer 2 projects at the price of 180, effectively doing each at 90 offering a discount of 10%. It becomes even more complex when you are contemplating an offer to the same client for 3 or 4 projects at the same time as it hardly happens that they all run concurrently at the same speed and schedule. However there is definitely an economy of scale to be achieved, a long term relationship to be built and some security for the company to be achieved.

Preparing fee proposals is always an exciting thing to do as it comes with hopes and expectations, but finding the right mix of “more” or “less” is always the challenge…

Light Watch 3-73: With the incandescent bulb “less and less” likely to survive we find “more and more” actions in relation to the phasing out of the bulb. I recently stumbled on one called “Bulb Fiction”, obviously a title borrowed from the hit movie Pulp Fiction, a movie about the incandescent bulb…

26. May 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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