Looking back on L&B 2012 (2)

Singapore, 4th May 2012

To wrap up L+B 2012 I will have a slightly more technical looking back today. With one of the key trends being about sustainability it is not difficult to understand that key elements contributing to sustainability were in most manufacturers mind. Reminding all that sustainability is not only about watts/m2 but also about human comfort/needs (health!) and value for money, many of the manufacturers hammering on their quality, colour consistency, reliability and how “green” they were.

Colour quality and consistency was surely one of the main talking points. True colour mixing, freedom of binning, basically suggesting that LED’s can now be chosen without fear of colour discrepancy through tight tolerances and consistency over life (within 3-5 Mc Adams ellipses). Some also specifically emphasizing the colour quality over the whole beam spread, not only in the heart of the beam. Most of all the CRI now for most LED’s available in the 90+ range.

Then there were the technology issues such as the collimator LED projectors versus the LED reflector chip technology, all of them driven also by joined standardisation and quality standard efforts through ZHAGA, LM79-80, CELMA and others. One of the key issues being addressed by several leading manufacturers was certainly also the dim ability of their LED’s, with black body continuous dimming being one of the features on offer. In other words as you dim down the brightness, the colour of the light becomes warmer and vice versa. Only few however seem to have that really worked out is my feeling. With system performances rising to 100 lumens/ watt (!), the need to properly control the brightness is becoming more and more crucial. Add to that direct 230V power LED options and it is clear that there is still more to come here for sure!

In terms of quality many addressed the maintenance over life of it’s LED’s IP rating, specifically the exterior IP54+ types, one of the consistent reasons of failures in outdoor LED projects. Simplification of the installation process by minimising the components and installation handlings to cut out failure possibilities.

Finally talking about durability, the quote of the fair belongs to ERCO: “If the light fittings on display survive the fair they are ready for sales!” Considering how often they are manipulated, taken apart and manhandled during the week-long event probably very true! Have a nice weekend!

Light Watch 3-60: Some more pictures of the L+B fair from my photo library.

Another approach to “traditional-shape” LED bulbs

FLOS magnetic LED track spots

04. May 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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