Looking back at L+B 2012

Singapore, 3rd May 2012

Back at work…it is amazing how much work can pile up when you have been away for a while! Still jet-lagging a bit, though the labour day holiday allowed me to recover some of the sleep deprivation accumulated during the intercontinental flight back from Europe.

Looking back on L+B 2012 I must say I have mixed feelings. I went with high expectation, actually not really knowing what to expect, but still somewhat excited with anticipation. Though I thoroughly enjoyed this years L+B in the end it was kind of a fizzer, much ado about not too much. The main question asked when you would meet someone at L+B would be: Hi, did you see anything worth seeing? And invariably the answer generally was: No, you?

Having said that there was definitely a very strong consolidation of the LED “Tsunami” as it is hitting our professional shores. Not so much the quantity but the quality of the LED was the lead story on most of the stands. It is obvious that because of the (too?) many players on the market, distinction in quality was the key to being seen as the leader. All major manufacturers went out of their way to show off their colour quality, consistency, reliability and so on. It is for sure that LED manufacturers that offer cheaply priced LED fixtures with little warranty give little confidence that the product will still be working properly soon after installation, we have had too many of these. So re-assurance about the product quality was logically top of the agenda for all.

I found two main directions in regards to the development of LED systems. One the traditional approach in which familiar systems were simply converted to LED versions, like the down lights, spots etc. In the same traditional way, manufacturers have bound together in ZHAGA, an organisation that strives at standardising the LED modules on universal interchangeability, surely an important goal. However in my mind it is still in the traditional/conventional way of thinking. You have a light fitting and you put a bulb in it…

More interestingly are the development in LED systems that create systems, shapes and forms that were previously unthinkable with traditional lighting technology. The ultra slims, the flat lines, the super mini down lights and the integrated building material stuff. That is really what I found the most interesting and creatively challenging products. With Oleds improving by the day we have still a lot to look forward to as creative lighting designers…

Light Watch 3-59: some of the after mails we received in appreciation of our visits to the stands

03. May 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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