Irreversible evolution in lighting?

Singapore, 8th May 2012

The evolution in lighting technology and the now unavoidable social responsibility of having to be sustainable and “green” (whatever that means…) has brought us to a situation where lighting designers like me, who have been brought up designing in the incandescent lighting years, have to stop and take a step back to assess our position. How far do we go with LED?

I was asked the question today at a meeting what my opinion was about LED, as the way we are going soon we will not even remember how it was to use an incandescent bulb. There is the new breed of lighting designers now being brought up with nothing else to “play” with than LED. Then there is the new generation clients who only seem to know the word LED…hallo…ever heard of incandescent, metal halide, fluorescent lighting?

Just last week, when I was in France, I had to replace a light bulb in an old, typical lamp shade (see picture below). There are many of these still around in the countryside. I went to the local supermarket a couple of kilometres away only to find out that my only choice was compact fluorescent or LED “energy saving” lamps. I asked the store manager for a “normal” incandescent light bulb, but he replied that they did not carry these anymore, courtesy of new government ruling. What? Yes I know, I have been blogging about this before and am of course aware of the fact that many governments have already implemented the banning of the incandescent lamp, however for some reason I thought that in far-away rural France I could still get my incandescent bulb. It hit me really…on top of that my only alternative was to buy a 20 Euro compact fluoro… I used to buy 20 incandescent bulbs for that price! I refused and decided to go on a crusade to find some left over incandescent bulbs, even at a flea market if needed. If you look at the picture of the lamp shade below you will agree with me that no CFL or LED can replace that feel and mood…

Light Watch 3-62: My traditional lamp shade for which I could not find a lamp anymore…do I really need to replace it with an energy saving lamp type 10-20 times more expensive, for which I do not even get a longer warranty?….

The incandescent dream shattered for good?…

08. May 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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