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Singapore, 11`th May 2012

Another week gone, don’t know whether it is just me but this week has just zipped past. Quite an exciting week I must say, with a bit of everything; meetings, fee proposals, design sessions and no travel for a change!. One of the interesting design sessions I did over the last few days was working on a kids club. As you get older it is somehow more and more difficult to really remember what it is to be a kid, let alone a baby and what sort of senses dominated our experiences at that age. This club is for the 1-4 years old. How did I experience lighting then? Did I actually register it as light? Probably not.

In our early years it is all about movement, shapes, contrast, colours, sounds, touch and feel. I remember from my own kids that they loved those mobile pendants that slowly moved round. We used to have a rotating projection lamp that projected moving images on the wall. I personally can’t remember any such early experiences, other than from observing my own kids. So conceptualising the design for this kiddie club is very much going back in time. It is also an interesting collaboration with the interior designer as they must face the same thing in regards to their interior design, as at the same time there is a need to make it contemporary.

Safety first, so no electrical points, lights within hand reach or low to the floor other than maybe playful, safe, low voltage toy lights. As soon as baby’s start crawling around they start putting everything within reach and grab in their mouth. This kiddie club has a hugging area as reception, the place where you say “goodbye” to your baby, all in soft, warm and friendly shapes, tones and materials. It is the place where lighting could provide some distraction so the separation from the parent is quickly forgotten. The playground should be all about safety with possibly some low level interactive lighting. The rest area, seemingly the place to create the glowing stars and soothing image projections. I know my kids loved it and guaranteed fell asleep on it…

Light Watch 3-65: I did some Google searching to see what’s available nowadays in the kids lighting market. Here is some of the things I found and from which I may draw some further inspiration for my design…



11. May 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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