When time flies…

Singapore, 12th April 2012

Funny how a day can just wiz past without you actually realising what you have done! A bit like driving in automatic mode on the road, suddenly you realise you have reached your destination without really remembering anything from along the way. I feel a bit the same today, the day went passed just like that and if not for my blog forcing me to review the day passed I would probably move on to tomorrow without remembering the day. It was not a stand out day with any memorable happenings, just one of those ordinary days where you do a lot of small things that keep you busy all the time. Meetings with my team here on project issues, meetings outside with client, a teleconference, emails, phone calls and making sure I get most urgent things out of the way before I fly off to Frankfurt tomorrow.

The interesting thing is that a day like this actually is quite productive as a lot of small things get cleared out of the way. You work on one big thing and it may take up your whole day and all those little things that still need attention remain on the to-do list. So today I cleared a lot of the to-do list and it feels good! 🙂

We are lucky as lighting designers to have a job in which not a day is basically the same, yes there are patterns, but in principle I cannot predict what I will be doing tomorrow (figuratively speaking). One phone call can change the complete direction of a day. So today though busy, was kind of nice and peacefully crawling along and that is probably why I know suddenly look back and think what the heck did I do all day?

Light Watch 3-51: Today I would like to share some inspiration. As designers we need inspiration on a daily basis to keep feeding our brain with creative food. I do surf on other interesting sites to see what other people come up with. While it may not be our everyday stuff it does provide ideas and inspirations that one day may be used in different ways or applications. Lighting sculptures courtesy of the Yellow Goat design website.

Yes, a chandelier in an aquarium…

12. April 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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