Pre Light & Build 2012

Singapore, 5th April 2012

The excitement is mounting visibly for this year’s Light & Build at the Messe in Frankfurt (15-20 April). Since the last L&B in 2010 so much technological advances have been made that undoubtedly many exciting new products and systems will be showcased during world’s largest and foremost lighting fair. This is the space where each and every lighting manufacturer will want to be seen showing its latest innovations, the state of the art in regards to their company standing. With LED lighting now becoming such a must have product (probably for survival in the business!), cost nor efforts are being spared by the big manufacturers and key market players to make sure they are being seen as the “leaders and experts” in the technology. I am pretty sure that finding conventional lighting systems on display will be like looking for a needle in a haystack!

How do I know all this? Like no Light & Build before I have been literally bombarded over the last few weeks with invitations to the L&B exhibition stands and requests to attend related lighting events. Manufacturers stumble over each other to make sure you are aware they are exhibiting in Frankfurt, some wishing (pushing!) you to commit to firm meeting appointments on their stands. Never before have I had such a  busy schedule already laid out even before I have even set foot at the fair! Add to that the various seminar events, PLDA’s annual general meeting all organised on the side lines and you can see that we probably need a holiday after the event the digest and recover from the tsunami of new products and information that we will be certainly receiving. Contrary to previous years I will probably not report on my findings on the day, rather using/maximising my time interacting and assimilating. I will then report/blog back the interesting bits and pieces that struck me as most relevant over the weeks following. I may change my mind but at this moment that’s my thinking…

With Good Friday and Easter Weekend ahead I will be of the radar for a few days…Happy holidays.

Light Watch 3-48: According to the L&B website, the main theme for L&B 2012 not surprisingly will be energy efficiency, with focal points on digitalisation of light and buildings and buildings as a green power station…no kidding…

The official L&B promo video from YouTube:



05. April 2012 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. Thank you Martin! Happy holidays to you also. Yes :: the L+B V.012 excitement (&agitation) counts nearly too much for visionaries like myself. For instance visions to create interactive light gardens remembering my last walk through it viewing later as a shadow flewing around the trees… Any all experts and technicians not knowing to use the new light technologies in a human way will do the same as always: Selling anything they can reach. Rich on light with emotion will Frankfurt indeed at the Luminale light festival. Will you be in the Palm garden at 17th April for the ‘Celebration of Light 2012’ of PLDA?

    Hope to see you there,
    from Ruhr with light,


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